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The Online Packet encourages fair housing practices from landlords and tenants on this site. The Online Packet acknowledges and are advocates of the Amended Fair Housing Act of 1988.

Get on our Housing List Blog so you can be contacted by Section 8 landlords or tenants.

Before you join the Housing List Blog, make a comment below about what kind of housing you need.

Mention your location and price range. Section 8 landlords that can accommodate you will contact you through your profile. Make sure that your profile has been completed.

371 Comments on "Join the Housing List"

Melanie Paradise

We need a 3 or 4 bedroom but can only afford $50/month. I am disabled and need a one level no stairs. Im a single mom with 3 kids. Also have 2 service dogs. Need a fenced in backyard. Have allergies so need wood floors no carpets. Trying to relocate back to Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Jena Kowalsky

i need a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom for myself and my son in the towns of portland ct or east hampton ct

I’m in need of a 4-5 bedroom home for my large family I have 4 daughters and 2 granddaughters my 82 year old grandmother my wife with health problems and my handicapped self living in a 4 bedroom rental of 8 years that needs to be condemned every room in the house has black mold even the ac ducts and vents and the landlord is doing nothing about it. We have 3 stories and can’t even air the house out cause none of the windows open properly or have screens on them. We actually have to pay to live in… Read more »
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