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I need a two bedroom apartment/house in Janesville, WI. Affordable rent. I am expecting my first child February 3rd, 2020.

Alonzo standifer

I’m looking rent a studio apartment in range of 500 – 650 I’m clean person & responsible person. also I’m on ssi

Donna Parada Jr

Want 2 bd. th house for me & Teen Grandson. Non-smoking,drinking, Drugs. Don’t Party. We are fairly quite and private renters. Donna age 64. David Jr. she 18.I receive SSI. & AFDC for David Jr. Can Pay $700. a month have 2 small dogs.Mom’s is 6yrs Baby is 3. House broke. I have 3 turtles in large tank. Willing to pay per deposit. D.Jr. Is a Computer Gamer. Excellent in Math & Science. I’m Retired in SS I . Want this to be Last Move. Present address since 2013. Manager/owner has been cited by the city of Stkn. He gave… Read more »