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Edna Lizama

i would like a two bed room for my son and i. are the los angeles area to montebello area. i can pay up to 400-500 monthly

Kerri Doyle

I’m looking to find a 1 bedroom but, prefer 2 bedrooms for my son and I. I would like to stay in New Jersey. I prefer to stay in Bordentown but, I will go where I can in the state. I don’t know what I can afford without assistance. I know that I have good credit and I pay my bills on time 100% of the time.

Beverlee Clay

Yes I currently live in Acworth Ga and I can pay up to $600 a month rent but I need at least a 3 bedroom. They home we are currently renting is falling apart and we don’t have the funds to fix all the things wrong and our landlord refuses to help. I have a son who is disabled and on SSI and my husband work but still do not have the funds. I just looking fo a safe affordable home for me my husband and kids