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I am a Mormon Lady of almost 70 yrs. Husband passed 11 yrs ago, and I have bounced around with no home to call my own. All my household furnishings are in Bend, OR. I have almost worn out my welcome at my friends homes, and I have 1 son who live in a small motor home and can not help. My daughter rents all 3 of her places to strangers, so there is no room for me, her Mum. I moved with just my clothes to a friends house almost 2 yrs ago, and she is about to retire and will be selling her house. There is nothing to rent here in Sun City under $1000.00, which of course, I can not afford. I have a small dog as an Emotional Support, [12 lbs] If anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. GOD BLESS!
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