Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Section 8 application Philadelphia – How could I find an open Section 8 waiting list and apply for Section 8 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

1. Find your local housing authority in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
2. Locate an open Section 8 waiting list application for Section 8 or Public Housing.
3. Ask the PHA if you qualify.

The first step to apply for Section 8 in Philadelphia or anywhere else, is to find a PHA that is accepting applications online or in person. The funds that HUD allocates for housing are used by your local housing agency to administer various rental assistance programs like Section 8. Applying for these programs are always free. The difficulty is finding an open waiting list. Most PHA’s have to keep their waiting list closed due to the high demand for these programs.

How do I know if I qualify for Section 8 in Philadelphia?

HUD’s median low income level helps to determine if a family or individual is eligible to apply for Section 8. This is a scale created to indicate what is considered to be low income. It depends on how much you make compared to how many are in your household. Income levels may vary from coast to coast.

How long is the Section 8 waiting list is for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

It really depends on the Philadelphia housing authority as to how long their waiting list is. The Waiting lists for the Section 8 or Public housing programs can be extensive. Typically, a person can be on a waiting list for several years. It really depends on the housing authority, but one should be prepared to wait for a very long time. A lottery process is usually used. This allows for the last person to apply to have the same odds of coming up on an open Section 8 waiting list for HUD housing as the first person.

What exactly is the Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet (SEC 8 PKT)?

The Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet is an information retrieval service that helps low income families and individuals find various programs that could benefit them. The Online Packet has no government affiliation, but in an excellent source to locate this information indefinitely. The Housing List Blog is unique to the Online Packet and helps low income tenants and landlords find each other.