What is Section 8?

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What is Section 8 and how can I apply?

1. Find your local PHA.
2. See if your housing authority’s Section 8 waiting list is open.
3. Apply online or in person per the instructions of your local housing authority.

Low-income families use vouchers to help pay for housing in the private market. The program is federally funded but run by a network of about 2,150 state and local housing agencies. More than 5 million people in 2.2 million low-income families use vouchers. In order to apply for Section 8, you must fall within the low income housing level mandated by HUD. At that point, you my complete a low income housing application for Section 8.

Federal rules ensure that vouchers are targeted at the families who need them most. Seventy-five percent of new households admitted each year must be “extremely low income,” with incomes not exceeding 30 percent of the local median or the poverty line, whichever is higher. Other new households may have incomes up to 80 percent of the area median. Housing agencies may set admissions preferences based on housing need or other criteria. Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for voucher assistance.
How Does a Family Use a Voucher?

Once a family receives a voucher, it has at least 60 days to find housing. A family can use a voucher to help pay the rent either for its current unit or for a new unit. In either case, the housing agency must verify that the unit meets federal housing quality standards and that the rent is reasonable compared to market rents for similar units in the area. A family with a voucher generally must contribute the higher of 30 percent of its income or a “minimum rent” of up to $50 for rent and utilities. The voucher pays the rest of those costs, up to a limit (called a “payment standard”) set by the housing agency. So, What is Section 8? Put simply, it is the best rental assistance program in the United States with well over one million participants. I you would like to apply for Section 8, and meet these low income standards, consult your local housing agency. Applications are always free. Typically, the process of selection is via a Section 8 lottery. This allows an equal chance for all Section 8 applicants to obtain a voucher. A Section 8 waiting list can be extremely long and only a small percentage will be selected.

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